Ecopra Fuel Saver For Trucks

Ecopra for Commercial Vehicles

Ecopra fitting diagram

ECOPRA FRANCE manufacture 2 larger capacity kits, the 70/110 kit is suitable for engines with cubic capacity between 4 and 10 litres. The largest kit 130/130 is for engines from 10 to 35 litres capacity.
ECOPRA FRANCE have been fitting kits to HGVs and large diesel vehicles for 8 years with consistant positive results.
The kits have been installed on all types of vehicle from mining dump trucks to modern fleet run 40 ton capacity euro 6 tractor units. These are generally 12 and 15 litre common rail diesel engines. The largest capacity engine to date is 32 litres.

Data collected by the MAN telematics system on extremely fuel efficient 40 ton Euro 6 rated tractors are showing a fuel economy of 4% on a monitored vehicle with the same driver. On Euro V and earlier vehicles figures of 8 to 15% have been observed.
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These kits are not available through the website, they are exclusively available through our regional sales agents.

The principal of operation is identical to the smaller units for cars and vans, but the water tank is specially adapted for mounting on chassis cab and tractor units. The low temperature evaporator is also of a larger size to accommodate the increased exhaust pipe diameters. the catalyser is likewise increased in size for the greater air flow.

Ecopra Fuel Saver fitted to truck

The current 5th generation kit requires no physical intervention on the vehicle excepting the point of entry for the air flow. It is often practical to drill a small opening in the air inlet manifold before the filter.
The kit can be fitted by any competent mechanic in 1:5 to 2 hrs and can be easily transferred to another vehicle in the event of fleet changes ( fixings may need to be replaced ).

There are no moving parts. The lifetime of the evaporator, unless physically abused, is virtually unlimited. The catalyser may be replaced at an interval of 65,000 to 85,000 km, or when a decrease in performance is observed. The catalyser is a low cost item which does need periodic renewal (it is currently priced at £50).
ECOPRA France holds an effective world wide insurance policy with GENERALLI ASSURANCES for any personal or material damage caused by the use of the ECOPRA COMBURATOR to the sum of 2 million euros, In 8 years of use there has never been an incident.


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