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The consumption of the DAF BS-843-NK, since the installation of the "ECOPRA combi-kit", has decreased from 38.78 Litres per cent to 35.70 Litres per cent.

VOLVO 100 KVA Diesel Generator

Our company conducted a series of tests on the fuel consumption of the Volvo 100 KVA Diesel Generator, and I'm pleased to inform you that the results proved a 32% gain in efficiency with the Ecopra kit installed.
These savings are for the longer period of time for the same amount of diesel from 30 to 39 days.


Land Rover Defender

Up until now and having driven 2000 kms, there is about 18% of saving on consumption plus a gain in torque, but I think it less noticeable than on other vehicles because of my power box. As far as pollution is concerned, the people who followed me going up the mountain road saw no cloud of black smoke during acceleration, unlike before.

Peugeot Expert Turbo Diesel type Combi 2001

The Ecopra Kit was installed on my Peugeot Expert Turbo Diesel type combi) 2001 on August 4 2010.
I have just calculated the average consumption over the last 74,000 km ( About 1/2 of which was semi-urban driving). Result: 6.47 l / 100 kms. The manufacturer indicates a consumption of 8.2 l / 100 kms in a mixed circuit. In addition to a significant economy on consumption, my vehicle pollutes much less. The blotting test exposed to exhaust gases is irrefutable proof: before installing Ecopra the blotter was blackened by the gases. After installation and with a hot engine, the blotter shows no visible traces and we also see a significant reduction in smoke and unpleasant odours.
I also certify that the engine is less noisy and reacts with better acceleration. In summary I declare that we are 100% satisfied with the ECOPRA kit and the promises made by the manufacturer.
A good invention that brings only positive attributes to engines and the environment.
Alfredo Lopez

Renault Twingo 2008

My Renault Twingo 2008 operates on GPL.
I noticed an decrease in consumption of GPL from 0.6L to 0.8L for 100 kms... so a 14% to 18% reduction.
I also noticed an increase in speed from 80kms to 90kms an hour on a straight line of 2 kms on a hill that I travel every day. There was more torque and the car makes a quick get away.
David Gerard

Scooter 50cc MBK Ovetto

Here are the results for a scooter "MBK Ovetto" 50 cc
All daily trips were measured beforehand for 2 months and then 3 months using the kit Ecopra.
The kilometric gain is 22% on average with peaks of 26%. It is almost 1 litre less for 100km. It is more flexible and climbs much better than before. At about 180km, the scooter was equipped with a 50cc expansion kit which normally increases the original consumption, but with the Ecopra device I consume even less than originally.
No worries of operation... the water is easy to put in and it needs very little. In rainy weather it is autonomous.

Renault Mégane

Regarding the Mégane the results vary. This week it was around 5.7, which makes a reduction of 25% compared to the 7.5 / 7.7 before. We checked to see if the water level went down problem it goes down.
Possible explanations : perhaps because there are two drivers, Paul and his girlfriend who do not drive in the same way; or because the journeys were more urban? In any case it is satisfactory. We will continue to accumulate the results for the Mégane. We say simply a reduction of between 25% and 30%, depending on the driving and types of journeys.

Renault Trafic 115DCI

I did the fitting in a short time this morning, I have not not really had enough time to test consumption, but the handkerchief test is really amazing.
At the beginning it had white smoked for 5 minutes after starting the engine ( the temperature was -4° here). On the road nothing, no smoke, no smell, very good. I will keep you informed about the consumption on longer trips and especially not in the mountains where I do not have enough information to do a comparison.

Citroen XANTIA 1.9TD 1993

The 1993 vehicle was bought second hand in 2012 with 400,000 kms on the clock. The Ecopra kit was installed in October 2015 at 420,000kms. Today the vehicle has travelled 440,000kms.
The device has clearly permitted the reduction of pollution levels.
The opacity test shows a reduction from a level of nearly 6 to 0.5.
The car also drives better with plenty of torque, I was able to take it up a very steep hill 1 kilometre long at 150 Km/Hr, with ease.Review

Citroen Picasso 2.0 HDI

I want to report to you my complete satisfaction.
I have 330 000km to the clock. I drove for 5 months (15 000km on a holiday Paris-Barcelona back on Perpignan, Lyon. Paris - Geneva and Haute Savoie).With this kit I can feel the power and the car takes off the moment that I accelerate.
Bizarrely I note that the car consumes less when I am drive in the range 120 to 130km / h I consume 5 litres, but if I drive at 110 km / h I consume 5.5 litres.
I'm careful not to accelerate too much because the car has a tendency to start off quickly and increase in speed.
I no longer notice black smoke when I accelerate (incomplete combustion)
With a full tank of 60 litres I can drive for 1100km with a speed of 110 to 130 km/h on the motorway.
Before I installed the kit I could not go for more than 1000 kms even driving at 100-110 kms/h.

TD5 (camping car)

Thank you for your message.
Yes it was a superb trip, Norway is just splendid! Very good family time.
Concerning the kit, very little water consumption .... but the results continue even now.
The average consumption is 10.5 litres per 100 kms including putting the heating in the camper van on regularly. I filled up with a consumption of less than 10 litres per 100 kms. Very good driving comfort, but I couldn’t really appreciate the advantage of the kit because of the power box that is also installed.
I have not yet mounted the new hose.
Vincent Larois

Truck Fleet

I, the undersigned, POINAPIN Gael, of the SAS CTPF.
428 Highway 9 7 4 1 0 SAINT PERRE, attest to having installed on four of my trucks the "Kit comburant ECOPRA *
Following usual use, we noticed a 25% decrease in fuel consumption in all the vehicles as well as a reduction in pollution, less adblue and more torque.


Sarl Transport Corre Fils

I the undersigned M Corre Philippe, manager of Transport Corre and sons Ltd attest by the present document that we have installed the ECOPRA KIT on 5 of our vehicles. The first system has been in use for 1 year and has provided savings of 22% of fuel.
Of the other 4 vehicles, 2 have permitted us to have 22% of fuel economy and the other 2, which are equipped with electronic gear boxes, have despite this, realised a fuel economy of 12%.


Ville de Mably



Here is a testimonial of the system installed on our vehicles of the municipality since the installation of the Kit in 2009 our citroen C3 diesel 2006 has realised an economy of 10% in fuel savings, this vehicle is mostly used for short runs of less than 10 Km
Our Kerax of 1999 has realised about 20% economy of fuel, this is a works vehicle which does around 15,000 Km per year.
Our IVECO 3.5 ton has equally realised 20% of fuel economy, this is a works vehicle which does about 10,000 Km per year we will tell you as soon as posible when we will install the system on our new vehicles.

Mototao Team

Résultats pour deux installations

Mégane Renault Essence 1997
Consommation initiale 7,6L / 100km en moyenne
Après installation kit, 600kms de parcourus : 5,7L / 100km en moyenne - conduite sur 60% ville et 40% routes -
Noté par le conducteur : meilleur couple, ne cale plus au feux rouges, plus de pêche

Vehicle : Renault Megan petrol 1997
Consumption before fitting Kit 7,6 Lt/100Km
Consumption after fitting Kit 5,7 Lt/100Km ( 25% saving)
Noted by the driver
More torque, and quicker to pull away at trafic lights, runs better.


Motoreo Team

Mercedes 250D Diesel 1993
Consommation initiale 8,3L/100km en moyenne
Après installation kit, 400km de parcourus : 6,3L / 100km en moyenne - conduite 50% ville et 50% routes -
Noté par le conducteur : meilleur couple, plus de pêche, meilleur ralenti.
Bien cordialement,
Anthony LEJUEZ

Vehicle Mercedes 250D diesel 1993
Consumption before fitting Kit 8,3Lt/100Km
Consumption after fitting Kit 6,3 Lt/100Km (24% saving )
Noted by the driver
More torque, livelier motor, lower idling speed


Nous avons les premières constatations de Mr Maroiller concernant l'enjambeur :
Avant : entre 2.5 à 3 litres à l'heure
Après : sur 6 heures de travail, il à consommé 1.5 litres de gasoil à l'heure ainsi que 2 litres
d'eau soit une économie d'environ 40 %, d'autre part, il a pu s'apercevoir qu'il tournais à
presque 2200 tr/min avant alors qu'avec le kit, il tourne à environ 1800 tr/min
Pat et Alex

Translation by Google
We have the first observations of Mr Maroiller concerning the l’enjambeur ( a tractor used in grape cultivation)
Before: between 2.5 to 3 liters per hour
After: 6 hours, he consumed to 1.5 liters of diesel per hour and 2 liters
Water is a saving of about 40%, on the other hand, he could perceive that the motor was idling at
Almost 2200 rpm before, while with the kit, it turns at about 1800 rpm
Pat and Alex



Fiat Ducato Diesel 2013

We have returned from our trip, everything worked and I had fuel savings of 20%
Thanks for everything.

MAN Truck

I have just installed the Kit on a truck MAN double cabin in Malaga.
Its consumption before the Ecopra Comburateur 150€ = 550Km) an average of 19.4L / 100kms (the effect was progressive )
First full tank cost 140 euros to do 550kms
Second full tank cost 110 € = 550Km) thus a saving of 27% .

Mitsubishi Pajero

Here are the results:
Phase 1 / Evaluation on highway between north Avignon and Valence a section of about 130 km at constant speed 130 km / h (+ or - 5 km / h). The road is reasonably flat without many inclines.
On the outward journey, without the Ecopra Kit, I fill up to the brim Auchan Le Pontet (2 Km from the motorway entrance). I fill to brim at Intermarché, direction Privas (about 3 km from the exit of Valence south): consumption 21.75 litres of diesel.
On the return, with the Ecopra Kit installed, I made the same journey but in reverse: consumption 15.32 Litres of diesel fuel, a 35% saving.

Town Hall Cahors

I was finally able to carry out the first measurements of consumption.
It was no surprise and it's great! 20.6% less consumption.Thats an overall average. Effectively there was a "low" average (everything is relative!) of 17.2% and a high average of 24%.
The water consumption is around 11 - 12 cl per 100 kms.
This augurs well for the future.
I've advertised for you: I have a colleague who should call you about installing a kit on his Audi; but most importantly there are some journalists who had already contacted me about 1 year ago who have come back to me on the subject because their report on doping with water in France is about to be filmed. They need examples of communities that are experimenting with this.
I will keep you informed!
Alexandre TORNEL
Dept of Finance
Town Hall of Cahors