Biodegradable Tableware for Home Use

Recyclable dish Biotrem’s disposable tableware is perfect for home use. Plates, bowls, dishes are all made from wheat bran which is an environmentally friendly alternative to other disposable products that are made from treated papers and card or plastic. Production of these alternatives is often far from eco-friendly often requires the use of bleaches and chemical coatings.

The Biotrem production process does not require significant amounts of water or mineral resources and uses no chemical additives.

Their wheat bran tableware is suitable for serving both hot & cold dishes and can also be used in traditional or microwave ovens and can be frozen.

Product packs

The plates, bowls and cutlery are robust, stable and can safely be used in the home our outdoors. Plates, bowls, dishes and trays are made from clean edible wheat bran that are safe to bite into.

Use them for parties, weddings, outdoor gatherings, firework displays or any other events where you need a sturdy plate which does not create a waste problem after its use.

They are manufactured in Europe from locally sourced material, and do not travel half way across the globe to reach your table.

Their disposal after use is a positive benefit to the environment.