The Water Saving Widget ~ Reducing Water & Energy Bills

This tiny easy to fit device will revolutionise your opinion on water saving.

We recommend the Water Saving Widget for all existing compatible shower installations that do not already incorporate water saving technology.

The Water Saving Widget reduces water flow without reducing comfort, once fitted you will not want to go back to your old high flow shower and you will be saving money as well as water.


Turn Your Shower Into An Eco Power Shower Instantly

These Units are Already in Over 4 Million UK Homes

Available in ABS plastic and stainless steel

Registered with the ********** reduces carbon footprint by 1 ton.



Patented aeration water saving technology.
By adding a Water Widget to your shower-head, it instantly converts it into a water and energy efficient shower-head without any noticeable change in performance.
The inclusion of male and female threads means that the Water Widget can be inverted to fit both male and female threads enabling the unit to be fitted to hand held hose shower-heads or wall fitted shower heads.
The Water Widget conforms to the highest standards. Units are designed for use in a wide range of applications and can be easily and quickly fitted to most modern showers without interruption to the supply.
We do not recommend the fitting of Water Widget to electric shower or low pressure showers with a pressure of below 1 bar.


Unlike some of unlike many products of this type, Water Widgets are not manufactured in China to a budget price sacrificing quality function and design whilst at the same time increasing dramatically Carbon Footprint.