Magnetic Water Conditioning

Magnetic Water Conditioning

The Shape of Water

This might be the title of a socially challenging sci-fi movie, but in real life the concept of water actually having shape or form is largely ignored.
Many pioneering individuals have been publicly ridiculed for research into the nature of this life giving substance which is only now beginning to be verified in the world of conventional science.
Most of us tend to imagine water as a simple and regular grouping of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.
Water is in fact the greatest scientific enigma ever, yet this enigma represents if one accounts for all water tied up in secondary cellular structures , 99% of of living things and that includes the human organism.
One key feature of the molecular structure of water in its liquid form is that it is capable of being influenced and modified by diverse factors in it's surrounding environment.
These include Electricity, Light, Microwaves, Sound, Magnetism, gravitational attraction, and others, Little wonder then that imperceptible and distant influences such as the position of the moon or planets have an effect on divers aspects of all life.
Water molecules are generally not, except in gaseous form, sedentary individuals. Water molecules group together in an infinite number of different structures often called clusters.
Applying some very simple technology to flowing water can have some dramatic effects, magnetism is capable of reducing and regularising water molecule clusters which also has secondary effects on the minerals present in the water itself.
Though in principal the technique is not hard to apply, to create a sturdy reliable device which does not corrode in a couple of years is less than simple.

Conditioning Process

For this reason ECOLOTEC has teamed up with OMNI ENVIRO and TOTUM FLOW in the UK to publicise the potential uses for this potentially revolutionary technology.
Whilst there some other devices on the world market we believe these Australian manufactured devices represent a superior product that will perform as expected for many years.
The results are truly amazing, we installed a 1.5 inch unit on a 10 bedroom home in France in an area where water is very hard, with an initial TH of approaching 30 before ion exchange bed softening. Even after traditional treatment the water still contained enough calcium to cause the accumulation of hard deposits in the kettle, showers, and on sanitary fittings.
The immediately noticeable effect is the water feels softer on the skin and sinks and bowls once cleaned no longer built up greasy or granular deposits.
One week after fitting hard yellow tinted scale in the kettle had started to turn to pure white soft powder which flaked of easily with the wipe of a finger. Traces of scale build up on glass shower doors became easy to wipe off with no use chemical products or acids.
Whilst there is a wealth of sometimes heavily contested information to be found on the internet regarding the structuring of water, the proof lies in the real experience. We cannot speak for other devices but this one works. Devices for home use are available in our web shop and only attract VAT at 5%. You will notice the difference, every home should be equipped with one of these.

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