Do Eat ~ Packaging You Can Eat

For catering businessAre you a professional in Horeca or industry? Are you looking for originality quality and environmental credibility? Created by designers and made using an innovative and natural recipe based on water and potatoes, the Do Eat products add the final touch to your creativity.

DO EAT, Belgium produces a range of edible food presentation/ packaging including verrines, sandwich rings and wraps, cupcake holders and food bags, all made from potato starch and water.

The inventive idea came from two Belgian students frustrated with having to constantly do the washing up after they had eaten. Their vision has now become reality with their products already widely available throughout Europe.

Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, the Do Eat products can also be used in microwaves and traditional ovens and if not eaten, are quickly and easily compostable.

They are Ideal for use in bakeries or other establishments selling take away food such as chips or bagels. The packaging products can be over printed using vegetable colorings, presenting numerous branding and marketing opportunities.

Do Eat's products have a neutral flavour and so can be used for sweet or savoury applications such as muffins, cupcakes and other baked goods and are ideal for aperitifs or product samples.

The range is available in retail packs and bulk packed for Ho Re Ca applications printed or unprinted and even flat pack for self assembly.

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Qty per case Product name Product size Case size
100 Wrap bag 15x25cm 400*300*300
100 Printed wrap bag 15x25cm 400*300*300
100 Biscuit bag 7x25cm 400*300*300
100 Printed biscuit bag 7x25cm 400*300*300
100 Sandwich bag 15X25cm 400*300*300
100 Printed sandwich bag 15x25cm 400*300*300
100 Burger bag 15x12,5cm 400*300*300
100 Printed burger bag 15x12,5cm 400*300*300
100 Burger ring 7x25cm 400*300*300
100 Printed burger ring 7x25cm 400*300*300
100 Sandwich ring 4x25cm 400*300*300
100 Printed sandwich ring 4x25cm 400*300*300
125 Verrines (any type of form) (coated) 3cmX4cm 250*150*100
125 Printed Verrines (any type or form)(coated) 3cmX4cm 250*150*100

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