Do Eat ~ Packaging You Can Eat

In the kitchen

DO EAT, Belgium produces a range of edible food presentation/ packaging including verrines, sandwich rings cupcake holders and food bags, all made from potato starch and water.

The packaging is Gluten free, contains no additives, fats, or sugars and is suitable for vegetarians and people with a kosher or halal diet. For best results we suggest that foods are kept inside the containers for no longer than two hours. Depending on the personal preferences, the edible containers can be baked, fried or even microwaved to achieve a crispier texture.


Do Eat's products have a neutral flavour and so can be used for sweet or savoury applications such as muffins, cupcakes and other baked goods and are ideal for aperitifs or product samples. They are not suitable for liquids.

Of course you are not obliged to eat the packaging and if you don't they can be composted and will rapidly decompose and can be recycled into the environment as valuable compost.

The range includes ready-to-use bags, sandwich wraps, chip trays, verrines and can be purchased ready to use or to assemble yourself.

Available in the online shop soon.


Edible food wrapper