Colloid Silver

Colloid Silver

Colloid Silver

No matter what other Colloid Silver makers may say or claim, this is the ONLY TRUE NANO-COLLOID AVAILABLE IN THE UK. Now available in our online shop.

Whilst a sturdy natural immune system fostered by good diet and a healthy lifestyle are our first defence against harmful bacteria, there are instances where our organism and its natural defences are not capable of resisting the bacterial onslaught.

There are many natural products which may help enhance our body’s defence system when this happens, but in terms of the ability to kill pathogenic bacteria none are more effective than silver metal.

Silver is a noble metal, that is in its metallic form it will not easily combine with other elements, in this state it is also non toxic.

The antibacterial properties of silver have been known for many centuries and this has been put to good use by many ancient cultures. The Greeks, the Romans and the Egyptians all used silver metal to preserve or keep fresh wine, water, and other products. Silver eating and drinking utensils have been employed all over the planet for thousands of years because of this property.

In the 19th century a certain Dr Krause invented and patented a water sterilising carafe.
The carafe was used to provide fresh uncontaminated drinking water. it was composed of porcelain container with a threaded neck, a hollow porous ceramic element screwed into the top of the vessel, projecting into the water whilst permitting the water to be poured through it. The porous ceramic was made incorporating tiny particles of silver which kill bacteria in contact with them. The carafe was marketed by Katadyn a company which still manufactures water purification systems today. Simple versions of this technology are used in developing countries to provide clean water to people who would not otherwise have access to it.
Colloid Silver in ceramic jar

One of the theories on the the beneficial property of silver says it is due to it's electro chemical effect on the ability of the bacteria to produce a specific enzyme necessary for their survival. The proximity of particles of silver to the pathogenic bacteria causes a cellular malfunction resulting in death by suffocation. For more information see the FAQs.

Since the beneficial effect of silver relies on its actual surface contact, the smaller the particle the more surface will be available in relation to its total weight or volume. Over the years different methods have been employed to create smaller particles of metal which can be suspended in a liquid to create a more effective method of administering the silver.

These liquids are known as colloids they are not solutions because the material they contain is not soluble, it is held in suspension either by its electro atomic property ( zeta potential ), or by a difference in density.

During the 20th century and particularly in recent years there has been a resurgence in interest in silver products and there are now many companies worldwide selling what is known as colloidal silver.


When is a colloid not a colloid?

Much has been written about colloidal silver, unfortunately much of it is either misleading or untruthful.

Most colloid silver on the market produced by simple electrolysis is not true colloid silver. A true colloid is tiny particles of an insoluble material suspended in a liquid, milk is a colloid. Most of the commercial brands of colloid silver available, are in fact largely composed of ionic silver which is soluble in water, with a very small percentage of inert particulate silver metal in rather large particle sizes. See the FAQs for more information on ionic silver.

Once ingested the ionic silver will readily combine with free chloride ( or other ) ions in the bloodstream rendering them of little use as silver chloride has limited antibacterial properties. In fact Silver chloride and other soluble silver compounds can be harmful. Whilst it is highly unlikely they will kill you they will, in sufficient quantity cause a condition known as argyria. This results in the skin turning a blue colour, and is most graphically illustrated in the case of the blue man a resident of Oregon in the United States.

The remaining real silver particles will be effective in combatting bacterial infection but they only represent in most cases about 10 % of the original volume, and being of variable and comparatively large particle size may lack effectiveness.

The problem with very small particles of any metal is that at an atomic level they will tend to clump together where they can do so, this increases the particle size and decreases the relative surface availability. In order to be an ideal colloid, the silver particles in the liquid must as small as possible to have maximum effectiveness, and large enough to electrically charged in such a fashion as they no longer have a mutual attraction, but instead repel one another, the point at which this happens is known as the Zeta potential.

In silver this is a particle of silver consisting of 9 silver atoms, this is seriously small ! So small that it is very difficult to do, it is certainly not a procedure capable of being replicated by electrolysis, which is how most commercially available, so called silver colloids are produced.

Above all what is not desirable is ionic silver, (silver atoms missing one electron) as they will combine with other charge compatible ions to form silver salt compounds.

Purest Colloids of New Jersey in United States produce such a true colloid silver. We believe they are the only company to reliably do so, and have exclusive worldwide rights to the proprietary meso-process used in their manufacture. The particle size of True Colloids silver is 1nm or smaller, typically .0.65nm, the particles carry a Zeta potential which causes them to repel one another, and therefore will remain in a true colloidal state indefinitely.

For this reason they are thousands of times more effective than competing products. Products produced by electrolysis are all mostly ionic silver, and those that do contain particles are the result of simple chemical reduction of ionic silver with maltodextrin.
This process produces large particles and is difficult to control in a consistent manner. 

For more detailed information see :

Antimicrobial data chartHere is a graph illustrating the relative effectiveness of Purest Colloids meso silver compared with another well known brand of ionic silver ( still labeled colloid silver ). The test was carried out with and without the addition of hydrochloric acid replicating the concentrations found in the human stomach.

In addition because the silver contained in Purest Colloids products is approximately 80% pure particulate silver it does not combine with free ions circulating in the body. It will however, due to the changing conditions once ingested will experience a change in Zeta potential and therefore will start to agglomerate into larger particles. This process does not happen instantaneously, and because of the very large number of nanoparticles the silver will continue to be effective until it is naturally expelled from the body.

We believe Purest Colloids MesoSilver is the best and the only true colloid silver available in the UK today, any individual or company wishing to refute this information can write to ECOLOTEC Ltd sending a sealed sample of product to be compared and we will publish comparative test results on our website.

At the same time as being fatal to harmful bacteria the presence of silver metal in our body can have some negative effects on the positive bacteria in our organism. We recommended that a probiotic be taken together with or after any long term silver treatment.

Why Purest Colloids Products are Superior Colloids


Mesoprocess is a trademarked name of an advanced proprietary process developed by the scientists at the Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc.
The mesoprocess is a continuous process used to produce metal colloids of virtually any metal, including those from the platinum group. Metal colloids produced using this unique new method are called mesocolloids.
Colloids produced using the mesoprocess start out as high purity metal having a purity of 0.9999, commonly called four nines purity. While the details of the transformation process that converts solid metal to sub-nanometer particles are proprietary (a trade secret) the concept is simple. The metal is first rendered into a form consisting of its individual atoms. The individual atoms are then coalesced into particles consisting of nine or more atoms each. In the case of silver this produces particles that are 0.65 nm in diameter, or 2.3 times the diameter of a single atom. These metal particles are then uniformly dispersed in pure pharmaceutical grade deionised water to produce a colloidal suspension. The particles remain suspended in the water indefinitely due to a small negative electric charge imparted to each particle called its zeta potential. The zeta potential produces a mutual repulsion of the particles which keeps the particles uniformly dispersed in the water indefinitely.
There are no chemicals, protein binders or other additives used in the mesocolloids, only pure metal and pure water.
The development of the mesoprocess from inception through design and development of the specialised equipment needed to implement the process consumed over 15,000 hours of effort over a period of five years by the scientists at the Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc.
This is why Purest colloids colloid products are superior grade colloids not the same as Ionic solutions and variable particle sized colloids produced by ordinary electrolysis. You cannot do this at home, whatever you may see on you tube.
The continuous process is transformed into lots at the packaging stage, every lot is tested for purity, consistency, or non conformity.

Colloid Silver vs Ionic Silver

One cannot be more clear than to state that it is impossible to produce true colloid silver using electrolysis.
Some manufacturers will say that they have invented a new method, and some may indeed produce a small quantity of silver particles, but without exception all so called colloid silver produced by electrolysis not true colloids. This is often disguised by labelling descriptions, such as “colloid silver solution” the truth is a colloid is NOT a solution and silver particles are not soluble.
They are in reality IONIC SILVER SOLUTIONS.
A true colloid contains 80% or more silver particles ideally these particles will be of a diameter of 1 nanometer or less.
Ionic silver solutions are still effective to a lesser extent against certain organisms, but they will never be as effective as a true colloid because ionic silver which is soluble will rapidly combine with other ions, generally chloride, to form silver chloride or other silver salts. These silver salts whilst not dangerous at the recommended dosage are hundreds or thousands of times less effective than a silver particle.
For a detailed comparison of a popular ionic silver brand and a true colloid ( mesosilver ) please see the PDF